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Presenting exact role of mechanical and electrical installation known as the heart of buildings is being the main concept of Thermoeskan Co. since the start point through providing fair and respectful services to employers, costumers and building industry professionals. Dynamic and innovative spirit in all parts of the company create a sense of eagerness and interest among my colleagues to kindly support clients in order to provide occupants comfort in their buildings.


Mehdi Mahmoodzadeh

CEO and Chairman of the Board

Thermoeskan Co. design, consultation, supervision and maintenance services for mechanical and electrical installations in compliance with the highest standards and latest equipments successfully and dynamically includes four major building types such as:

Luxury and Ultra-luxury residential building

Mechanical and Electrical installations in luxury and Ultra-luxury residential towers and complexes

Thermoeskan Company by applying of unique installations in luxury and Ultra-luxury residential towers and complexes, using the highest achievements of the world (Intelligent Building Management Systems BMS and energy management EMS) have done Mechanical & Electrical with the best equipment and the best consumer materials with high quality to ensure the of the people, and will have to do.
Jamshdiyeh Baam Tower, most luxurious building, was put into operation in 2011 selected in bests of building industry conference via Baam engineering developing group with effective cooperation of Thermoeskan Company in installation section in one of the best northern parts of Tehran.
The other luxury and Ultra luxury residential projects and buildings can note to Fereshteh Palaces Triple Towers, Amatis Tower, Ladan Park, Aghaghia, Diplomat Velenjak, Royal Garden, baam niyayesh, Koohyar, Artemis, Faraz Yasser, Asef Zafaranieh, Baam Alborz and Tazh Elahiyeh and Bam Niavaran 1, Bam Niavaran2, Bam Niavaran 3, Sanaaye Folad, Yakhchal and Yas sodeh residential complexs and private villa of the engineer Farzad Delavari and 14 triplex villa in ancient town of Lavasan.

Commercial- and Office Buildings

Collaboration with building industry Activists working of complexes and commercial and service centers and office buildings
Thermoeskan Company in collaboration with employers of complexes and commercial, and service centers and office buildings, accumulated advanced facilities with long life service in order to provide worthy comfort and in this complexes by implementation of an efficient and integrated installations and using the highest world achievements (Intelligent Building Management Systems BMS and Energy Management EMS) using the knowledge and specialty of engineers and expertise technicians and the application of the best brands in the market for the installation and operation of mechanical and electrical equipments.

We could point to the other similar projects such as Damavand (Irtoya)Commercial, Service, and Office Tower, Baam Farmaniyeh Office Commercial Complex, Opal Commercial Center, Koche Zoghaliha Parking an Commercial Complex, Irtoya Central Agencies Building, Hirad Niavaran Complex, Amirkabir, Negn khodro(Renault),Golestan Meshkinshahr, Renault Central Agency, Boostan Hashtgerd commercial complex and office projects of Department of Culture Buildings in cities of Gilan province, Ghaemiyeh Comprehensive university in Qom,World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools Building in Qomand and Karaj Natrual Resources Department.

Mass Housing

Thermoeskan Company in section of mass housing, applying water and sewage networks and landscaping
Thermoeskan Company in mass housing projects using high-quality materials and consumer goods on the market and in compliance with all standards and regulations of the country, completed with a high speed execution of mechanical and electrical installations of building and overall implementation of the network of municipal water and wastewater network of new town areas utilizing experienced engineers and technicians working by the efforts of its complex workers.
Hashtgerd Park mass housing ,first national project of Mehr Housing in New Hashtgerd town,was implemented and established in 2010,in the form of a 1,002 residential units in the town park in the 11-month period, in compliance with all standards of accommodation in the settlements, with the cooperation of Thermoeskan in its installations. Thermoeskan in the same year succeeded in gaining the title of sample contractor cooperated with mass housing company.
We could point to the town of MeshkinShahr Golestan, 360 units of IranKHodro, Taj Parand, Saman Parand 1 and Saman Parand 2 as other executive projects of this company in the field of mass housing. As well as implementation of water and sewage networks and installations of areas of Golestan town project and implementation of some substructure installations of Cheetgar Lake area are activities of Thermoeskan.

Hospital, Laboratory and Medical Centers

Cooperation of Thermoeskan Company with employers to build medical, laboratory hospital centers
Design and implementation of heating and cooling installations, air conditioning and laboratory and hospital facilities, requires precision, skill and special proficiency and taking advantage of modern equipment and technologies, with respect to international standards for manufacturing hospitals and development of medical centers which communicate directly with patients health and welfare and clients, that Thermoeskan company have valuable experiences in this field.
Installations of clean rooms, surgical departments, isolation and intensive care unit in Organ transplant specialized building of Masih Daneshvari hospital is one of ongoing projects of Thermoeskan Company which is under implementation in compliance with all international standards.
Masood diagnostic comprehensive laboratory, Pharmaceutical laboratory of Iran Pasteur Institute, ointment making clean room of Iran Medicine factory, Simin Dasht Pharmaceutical, Hashtgerd medical center and Dorsa drug Pharmaceutical are other projects done by Thermoeskan Company in this field.


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